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The Order of the Stick (which I was first introduced to by someone in the Perl community on IRC) is my favourite online web comic, partly because it features nearly 1,000 full-page episodes of well-written dialogue with an intricately epic and somewhat complex storyline, and I recommend starting from the first episode because the story is easier to appreciate and understand since a lot of character development and other background is introduced along the way.  My wife and I have been reading this to our children, who love the characters and the lovely cartoon style that they're drawn in.  Order of the Stick (banner)There's usually a new episode published approximately once or twice each week, and this talented author, Rich Burlew (Giant in the Playground), makes it worth the wait:  http://www.giantitp.com/

Also of interest is the Order of the Stick wiki that provides a lot of additional background information about the characters and other aspects of this beautifully presented story:  http://oots.wikia.com/

Doraleous and AssociatesDoraleous & Associates is a highly entertaining video series too (with some implied adult themes); this is its description:  "The adventures of Doraleous and his associates as they set out to save Nudonia.  An animated medieval fantasy comedy exploring a world filled with knights, elves, wizards, and dwarfs.  If you enjoy league of legends, game of thrones, world of warcraft, cosplay, or just a good laugh, check out this animated comedy."

Interesting images

This is a small collection of images that are humourous or meaningful in a manner that emulates the mechanisms of humour.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Jesus Cat has no interest in physics

How computers are made (with an integrated circuit and resistors)

Brexit sign


One of my favourite signature taglines is "Radio-active cats have 18 half-lives."  (Sometimes I use the famous symmetrical ROT13 algorithm to present that as "Enqvb-npgvir pngf unir 18 unys-yvirf.")

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