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Bitcoin currency: stacks of coins
I set up a Bitcoin "wallet" on November 13, 2013 after reading about this new currency that relies on cryptography to be secure and decentralized.  Without a central controlling body behind this currency, I feel that it is an appropriate fit into the advocacy for freedom that is important to me.

My public Bitcoin address is:  1GqhqkDURvJDUhfcg61RySFcz53randoLf

There's a web site called "BlockChain.info" which provides a lot of interesting information about Bitcoins.  My Bitcoin address, and its history of transactions, can be viewed, here:  https://www.blockchain.info/address/1GqhqkDURvJDUhfcg61RySFcz53randoLf

The open source software I chose to use to create and manage my Bitcoin wallet - Bitcoin Armory - stores all the data on my local computer instead of depending on a third-party (such as a web site) because I think it's important to have full control over financial instruments (like currency) which belong to me.  If you choose to do the same (and I recommend it as the better option), then make sure you have backups printed on paper in addition to backups on diskettes, CDs, or USB memory and that you store them in separate locations in case your primary location is damaged or destroyed.

One of the interesting features of the software I selected is that it can create a "payment request" link, with easy-to-use customization options, generates HTML code that produces the following (which I customized as a "donation" link):

Donate using Bitcoins

Bitcoin currency: fancy coin presentation The main web site for the Bitcoin currency, which also recommends the wallet software I selected (along with a variety of others) is:  http://www.bitcoin.org/

If you're new to the Bitcoin currency, then I highly recommend reading about the Bitcoin myths as it turns out to be a really good introduction to Bitcoin:  https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Myths

The open source Bitcoin wallet software that I selected can be downloaded from here:  http://www.bitcoinarmory.com/

Market Capitalization

For those who want to know more about Bitcoin's Market Capitalization (a.k.a., "marketcap"), hopefully these links will provide you with the bulk of what you need to know:


If you're new to Bitcoin (and cryptographic currencies in general), then you may find these resources to be helpful places to learn more...

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