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Dogecoin currency: stacks of coins
I set up a Dogecoin "wallet" in September 2017 after reading about how this alternative cryptographic currency that outlived expectations of being temporary is listed in the top 3 or 4 most popular currencies on many cryptographic currency exchange/listing/charting web sites.  As is the case with BitCoin, without a central controlling body behind this currency, I feel that it is an appropriate fit into the advocacy for freedom that is important to me.

My public Dogecoin address is:  DM5GXRCXAF8BzCNC5Di8pcmZGity23pvc7

There's a web site called "DogeChain.info" which provides a lot of interesting information about Dogecoins.  My Dogecoin address, and its history of transactions, can be viewed, here:  https://www.dogechain.info/address/DM5GXRCXAF8BzCNC5Di8pcmZGity23pvc7

The open source software I chose to use to create and manage my Dogecoin wallet - MultiDoge - stores all the data on my local computer instead of depending on a third-party (such as a web site) because I think it's important to have full control over financial instruments (like currency) which belong to me.  If you choose to do the same (and I recommend it as the better option), then make sure you have backups and that you store them in separate locations in case your primary location is damaged or destroyed.

The open source Dogecoin wallet software that I selected can be downloaded from here:  http://www.multidoge.org/

If you're new to cryptographic currencies, Dogecoin can be a wonderful one to start with because there are many helpful folks in the various online Dogecoin communities who seem to be willing to give small amounts of Dogecoin away which makes it possible to at least experiment and practice with the withdrawal and deposit functions (so that you can gain experience with cryptocurrency transactions).


Although I've encountered many folks who believe that Dogecoin has a bright future (as well as many who are pessimistic), I found this Reddit post from 2017-Sep-04 about Dogecoin entitled "11 reasons why I think Doge has a bright future" to be an interesting read:  https://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/comments/6xuths/11_reasons_why_i_think_doge_has_a_bright_future/ Dogecoin currency: To the moon! (Humour and Optimism)

  • Dogecoin is extremely fast for transactions.  If adapts the new lightning tech than we can see dogecoin become the fastest large marketcap currency.
  • Dogecoin is a fraction of the cost of Bitcoin which allows users to have more coins on reserve.
  • Dogecoin is fun and not as serious as other cryptos.  Enjoy your time in the community, give tips, donate and learn about crypto.
  • It hasn't been updated in FOREVER.  This is a good thing.  The perfect time to buy is before all the new updates and media attention.  If you believe in DOGE, you will know that its time if coming.
  • Dogecoin is beloved by many people in crypto as being the first coin to get them involved in the markets.
  • It has been a top 3 coin in marketcap for a long time.  Not recently, but why can't it regain its crown?
  • As crypto becomes regulated, coins with the most distribution and stable network will be favored most by traders.  Dogecoin network is solid as a rock.
  • The community has a large amount of smart doge investors have stored their coins on paper wallets and USB drives and have put them in safe keeping as a nest egg.
  • Bitcoin is close to Litecoin, and Litecoin is next to DOGE.  You've seen what has been happening with Bitcoin and Litecoin lately, dogecoin has to follow suit at some point.
  • Dogecoin is a lot bigger in the east than people realize.  China has a huge population, money, and a love for crypto and DOGE.  Next year is a dog year in China.  Maybe it's a sign?
  • As cryptocurrency goes more mainstream, It wouldn't be a surprise to see a "fun" company adopt DOGE as a "fun" currency to accept.  Video games?  Amusement parks?  Pet stores?

The post's author finalized their list with a tongue-and-cheek invitation to "Feel free to bust my knee caps if you disagree," which serves as an example of some of the humour that I regularly encounter from various participants in most Dogecoin communities.


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