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Ethereum currency: stacks of coins
I set up an Ethereum "wallet" in October 2017 after reading about how this alternative cryptographic currency was catching the interest of many professional investors as a potential starting point for diversifying their cryptocurrency investments.  One characteristic that is particularly interesting is that new projects can benefit from relying on Ethereum while also issuing their own distinct tokens, which will probably be beneficial to Ethereum's long-term popularity.

My public Ethereum address is:  0xbeef1b8cece59c12916863efdc9f67cb6f00bcfc

There's a web site called "Ethereum.org" which is the official web site for the Ethereum cryptocurrency.  My Ethereum address, and its history of transactions, can be viewed, here:  https://etherscan.io/address/0xbeef1b8cece59c12916863efdc9f67cb6f00bcfc


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