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Litecoin currency: stacks of coins
I set up a Litecoin "wallet" in November 2017 after learning that the Dogecoin alternative cryptographic currency was forked either directly or indirectly from Litecoin.  Another interesting thing I've noticed about the Litecoin community is that it seems to be comprised mostly of very serious, long-term holders of the currency who don't seem to be concerned about short-term price fluctuations, which I equate to the currency itself possibly having a greater chance at long-term stability.

My public Litecoin address is:  Lazer99vuyFvREnoEfWxptgxko71RrJnxo

There's a web site called "Litecoin.org" which is the official web site for the Litecoin cryptocurrency.  My Litecoin address, and its history of transactions, can be viewed, here:  https://insight.litecore.io/address/Lazer99vuyFvREnoEfWxptgxko71RrJnxo


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