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Monero currency: stacks of coins
I set up a Monero "wallet" in January 2018 after listening to a famous security and privacy specialist named John McAfee talk about how this alternative cryptographic currency was designed to ensure privacy.  One characteristic that is particularly interesting is that a special "auditor's key" can be generated that provides view-only (a.k.a., read-only) access to all transactions for a particular address up to a particular point in the Monero blockchain.

My public Monero address is:  42JRpNBFivsY14ux5ccjPzGZerLx5Aor1RJd6xYNgKpEHNmuA6mZiMu8YUCLWCbZJ6e5vZPeBcGUd6DyEFYrA2gZLAZ8rNq

There's a web site called "GetMonero.org" which is the official web site for the Monero cryptocurrency.  My Ethereum address, and its history of transactions, cannot be viewed because of Monero's privacy-oriented designed, although you're certainly welcome to see for yourself, here:  https://moneroblocks.info/search/42JRpNBFivsY14ux5ccjPzGZerLx5Aor1RJd6xYNgKpEHNmuA6mZiMu8YUCLWCbZJ6e5vZPeBcGUd6DyEFYrA2gZLAZ8rNq


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